FDA orders all Juul products to be removed from retail shelves in the United States

The United States Food and Drug Administration announced this week that Juul, the maker of nicotine vape products, must immediately remove its products from retail shelves in the US and cease sales of their products.

The major blow to the vape industry comes months after flavored vape products were banned due to their attractiveness to younger smokers. 

“The FDA is tasked with ensuring that tobacco products sold in this country meet the standard set by the law, but the responsibility to demonstrate that a product meets those standards ultimately falls on the shoulders of the company,” said acting director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products Michelle Matal, in a press release.

“As with all manufacturers, JUUL had the opportunity to provide evidence demonstrating that the marketing of their products meets these standards. However, the company did not provide that evidence and instead left us with significant questions. Without the data needed to determine relevant health risks, the FDA is issuing these marketing denial orders.”

Juul is reportedly planning on fighting the order and filing an appeal with the FDA. “We respectfully disagree with the FDA’s findings and decision and continue to believe we have provided sufficient information and data based on high-quality research to address all issues raised by the agency,” said Joe Murillo, the company’s chief regulatory officer. Should Juul sue the FDA, the products would likely remain on the market until the legal proceedings ended.

“Juul more than any other company has been responsible for creating and fueling the youth e-cigarette epidemic,” President of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Matthew Myers told CNN. “Denying Juul both impacts a product that is currently widely used among kids, and hopefully sends a message to the entire industry that FDA is now serious about preventing them from marketing to kids.”




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