Kidnapped man in Florida frees himself by purposely getting pulled over by police

A Florida man who was held at gunpoint and kidnapped by three assailants last week saved himself by purposely driving erratically with his captors in the car so he would get pulled over by police.

The victim, a Port Lucie dog breeder, was taken hostage by three men who had seen him post online about having lots of cash on hand as well as lucrative dog breeds. The three men approached him at his home looking for the cash and the puppies. When the man told the attackers the puppies were at his aunt’s house in Ft. Lauderdale, they instructed him to drive them there.

The man, in a moment of quick thinking, purposely drove over the speed limit in order to attract attention from law enforcement in an area he knew they frequently patrolled.

When officers did pull over the vehicle for going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, officers reportedly noticed the driver appeared to be in despair. When he was told he was free to go the officers saw the man twist his hands in the shape of a gun behind his back, in view of the police, which triggered the officers to realize something was amiss.

“But as he was walking away and he put his hands behind his back and he made a gesture like he was shooting a handgun facing down, and that made the hair on my neck stand up,” said Officer Cameron White. White then asked the driver what the gun signal meant, and the driver explained he was being held captive by the men in the car, and they were armed.

The kidnappers were arrested and charged with multiple charges, including home invasion, kidnapping, and assault.




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