California Gov. Newsom joins Trump’s Truth Social to call out ‘Republican lies’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday said he had joined former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform to call out “Republican lies.”

“I know we’re all on this platform in search for the truth,” Newsom said in a video post. “But the truth is I’ve not been able to find a simple explanation for the fact that we have a red state murder problem.”

“This could get … interesting,” he went onto say. Newsom said that eight out of the top 10 states with the highest murder rates are Republican-run. He said the “question is simple. What are the laws and policies in those states that are leading to such carnage?” 

Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), now the CEO of Truth Social, welcomed Newsom. “We’re happy to have him,” he told Fox Business, even though Nunes said he doesn’t agree with him “on anything.” Nunes said Truth Social was designed to be an “open platform” regardless of political affiliation.

Newsom himself has come under fire for several cities in California having rising crime rates and “soft-on-crime” policies.

Last week, San Francisco voters decided to recall liberal District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon also faces a recall effort over his liberal policies. In an interview last week, Newsom called Boudin’s recall “predictable” and said it wasn’t an “arbiter of something farther reaching.”

“I think the issue in San Francisco, in particular, is people want the streets cleaned up – period. Full stop. Enough,” he told the host of the FOX 11 political show “The Issue Is.” “They want the streets cleaned up. They want a sense of order from the disorder they’re feeling on the streets.” 

He continued, “Now crime’s a component of that but there’s a lot of conflation of those issues,” including mental health, open use of drugs, drug dealing and “the dirtiness in parts of the city. And tag, the DA was it, meaning there was some attachment of accountability and responsibility.”

He said all San Francisco elected officials took some blame for the state of the streets but “in particular the district attorney.”

When asked by the host if Democrats bear responsibility for issues like homelessness in San Francisco and other cities, he said “absolutely” but added that cities across the country have the same issues – Democratic and Republican. 




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