Actor Stoney Westmoreland sentenced to 2 years in prison for attempting sexual contact with minor

Actor Stoney Westmoreland of Disney’s “Andi Mack” and the television drama series “Scandal” has been sentenced to two years in prison in relation to what officials say was his 2018 attempt to lure a minor into sexual activity.

Westmoreland was apprehended in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2018 when he arrived at a meetup he scheduled on the Grindr app with what he believed to be a 13 year old boy. The account Westmoreland had been corresponding with was actually created by Salt Lake City detectives, who met Westmoreland at the agreed location and arrested him.

At the time, Westmoreland admitted he had sent nude photos to the account that he also admitted he believed to be a teenager.

Later, attorneys for Westmoreland contradicted the admission, saying on Fox News recently, “Mr. Westmoreland maintains that he believed the person he was speaking with was likely an adult engaging in role-play. Had there been an actual minor there when he arrived, he would have left,” said attorney Wendy Lewis.

She added, “Due to the possibility of a minimum 10-year sentence and conservative Utah juries, Mr. Westmoreland agreed to plead to the lesser offense of transmitting information about a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.”

The 52 year old actor will be placed under ten years’ probation upon his release, at which time he is also required to register as a sex offender. He will not be allowed contact with anyone under the age of 18 who is not supervised by an adult.




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