Ford CEO predicts customers in the future will pay ‘tens of thousands’ to sleep in auto-driven cars

Ford CEO Jim Farley told an audience at the Bernstein Conference this week he predicts customers in the near future will be willing to pay big bucks for the luxury of sleeping while their cars drive themselves.

Farley told the crowd the future of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is bright, and that Ford and the rest of the auto industry will soon change the auto-tech world in the same way cellular companies changed communications.

“We used to use our phones to make a call, and then the embedded systems got put in place, and the sensor set and all that software allowed those devices to not be used for calls,” Farley said.

“We’re about to change the ride just like Apple and all the smartphone companies changed the call. And I believe when that happens, when you can ship a lot of software to the car, and you have great sensors, and really change that experience and be a lot more productive, there will be a large revenue expansion.”

Farley spoke of futuristic self-driven vehicles that could allow commuters to shave hours off their commutes and get more shut eye. The technological advances will also have an effect on the rideshare industry.

“The largest fleet of operators today in the U.S. are Lyft and Uber drivers,” Farley said. “There’s 1.3 million of them as we speak,” Farley pointed out. “No one has ever built an optimized product for them with an optimized low cost of operation, low insurance, and that will definitely be an EV and that will definitely have very high ADAS content.”




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