Rep. AOC confirms her engagement to longtime boyfriend

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is engaged to longtime boyfriend Riley Roberts, she confirmed on Twitter. “It’s true! Thank you all for the well wishes,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

The couple got engaged in Puerto Rico last month but haven’t set a date as they take “some space to savor this time before diving into planning,” the congresswoman told Business Insider.

Ocasio-Cortez met Roberts when they were both undergraduates at Boston University. Roberts, a 33-year-old web developer, helped his girlfriend collect signatures to put her on the election ballot in her improbable first run for Congress in 2018, when she unseated 10-term Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley as an insurgent candidate.

Earlier on Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram that she had been “MIA” for a non-COVID “health issue.”

She previously tested positive after a trip to Miami over the New Year where she partied with drag stars and drank cocktails with Roberts outside. 

“I’m back at it today, but was MIA for a bit to recover,” she wrote on her story. “Just wanted to provide you all some assurance that the silence wasn’t political or anything as I know that worried some.”

AOC shared a video of her Roberts’ feet after the Miami trip because she believed Republicans were “obsessed” with them.

“So we recently went to Florida, where Republicans developed an obsession with Riley’s feet,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said in the video, as she panned the camera down to his shoes as he walked ahead of her in an apparent parking garage. She added, shouting: “So give the people what they want!”

Ocasio-Cortez had been in Puerto Rico to support the Puerto Rico Status Act, which would ensure that Puerto Ricans can determine their own future. “We are here to finally end second-class citizenship of Puerto Ricans in the United States,” she said Thursday.

The Puerto Rico Status Act would honor a decolonization process where the territory’s residents could elect to choose their status.

Rep. Jenniffer González, who represents the territory, called it a “historic day for Puerto Rico’s future.” She added, “After months of sincere discussions and negotiations, we can proudly announce that we have reached an agreement on a path forward to solve once and for all the Island’s political status dilemma.”




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