Starbucks joins Tesla, Microsoft, and others in paying employee travel costs for abortions

Starbucks said it will reimburse employees for travel expenses incurred when seeking abortions or gender-affirming surgeries out of state.

They join S&P 500 companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Salesforce, that are offering the benefit to workers who cannot gain immediate access to the procedures.

A Starbucks spokesperson told The Post that employees who won’t be able to access abortion services or gender-affirming care within 100 miles of their home will have their travel expenses covered by the company. The benefit will also be extended to dependents who are covered by Starbucks’ health plan, according to the company.

“Like many of you, I’m deeply concerned by the draft Supreme Court opinion related to the constitutional right to abortion that was first established by Roe v. Wade,” Starbucks’ Acting Executive Vice President Sara Kelly told employees in an email.

She said the company “will always ensure our partners (employees) have access to quality healthcare. And when actions impact your access to healthcare, we will work on a way to make sure you feel supported.”

Earlier this month, a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicated the court may be preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 precedent that established a constitutional right to an abortion. 

The 67-page draft, first reported by Politico, declared that Roe was “egregiously wrong and deeply damaging.” 

Chief Justice John Roberts said in a statement that the draft, written in February, wasn’t necessarily the final resolution in the case. The court is expected to issue its opinion by the end of June or early July. 

Earlier this month, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced legislation that would bar companies from receiving tax breaks for funding employees’ travel expenses for abortions or for gender-affirming procedures.




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