New poll shows inflation tops list of concerns for Americans, beating other issues by significant margin

A new Pew Research poll showed people in the United States view inflation as the biggest concern above all other issues, with other policy issues not even coming close.

The results of the poll, published last Thursday, showed 70 percent of respondents believed inflation was the top problem facing the United States right now, with issues like healthcare and violent crime trailing behind significantly, at 55 and 54 percent, respectively. Gun violence and the national deficit shared the fourth spot at 51 percent each, with 20 percent saying gun violence is only “a small problem” in the country. 

The political divide when it comes to inflation showed many more Republicans rated inflation as their top concern than Democrats, with 84 percent of Republican respondents putting it at the top of their lists, compared to 57 percent of Democrats. Left-leaning respondents tended to rank gun violence, climate change, and healthcare affordability as their top concerns, with inflation ranking only fourth.

The results of the poll come after near record-breaking inflation in recent weeks. Prices reached their highest in four decades in April, after an 8.3 percent increase in inflation. National gas prices are soaring at an average of $4.57 per gallon this week, as state and local governments scramble to deliver economic relief to residents at the pump with gas tax pauses and relief money.

Infrastructure, unemployment, and COVID-19 were the least of respondents’ concerns, with only 19 percent saying the COVID-19 outbreak is a big problem for the country right now. 38 percent said the virus is a “moderately big problem” and 12 percent said it was not a problem at all in spite of rising case numbers across the country. 




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