People’s Convoy announces they are heading back to Washington DC

Organizers of the People’s Convoy say they are headed back to Washington D.C., leaving from Idaho on May 5.

The convoy’s leader, David Riddell issued a statement regarding their reported return. “When we left, you guys laughed at us,” said a speaker at a convoy rally. “You made fun of us.”

“Enough is enough. When we go back to DC, we are not the same convoy that went there the first time. We are not the same convoy that left there. We are coming back with teeth and a backbone!” 

“We are done listening to your lies. We bought them for a little bit. We thought you guys actually believed in what we were standing for, and we actually believed you were going to do what we asked you to do as our representatives.”

It is not clear whether Riddell was addressing residents of Washington DC or Republican lawmakers. The Convoy confirmed this plan with a post on its official Facebook page: “We encourage everyone in the surrounding area to join us at the speedway to create the second wave of the convoy to DC!!! Now is time! Stand up! Let your voices be heard! Enough is enough!”

Some members of the US trucker convoy are reportedly suing Washington DC, claiming their First Amendment rights were violated when DC Metropolitan Police shut down ramps leading into the city on the days of their demonstration earlier in the year.

According to the plaintiffs, the city shut down avenues into the city and on four occasions turned convoy participants away from entering the district.

They claim the city’s justification for shutting down the access points is “unconstitutionally vague on its face because it allows the District unfettered discretion to refuse to grant Plaintiffs access to the District, thereby depriving Plaintiffs of their constitutional rights to travel and free speech.”




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