Chicago mayoral race becomes more crowded as Willie Wilson announces his candidacy

Businessman Willie Wilson entered the Chicago mayoral race this week, announcing his candidacy from his high-rise condo on Monday, surrounded by clergy and supporters.

Wilson has previously run failed campaigns for mayor in 2015 and 2019, as well as unsuccessful runs for president and Senate.

Asked why he believes he will win this time, Wilson responded, “I don’t need to run for mayor to get a paycheck. My wanting to do this is to serve the community. We want to bring all race, creed and color together.”

Wilson supported current Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot when she was running, but has since expressed his regret for endorsing her, saying her policies have not delivered on her promises. “I made a mistake, I made a hell of a mistake, and I have to say that because I’ve been very disappointed,” he said on Monday. 

Wilson is a successful businessman who made his name by owning several McDonald’s franchises, as well as owning Omar Medical Supplies. He is also the producer of the Emmy award-winning gospel music television show, Singsation.




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