Chris Christie says he believes Liz Cheney ‘wanted to be kicked out’ of Republican house leadership

Republican former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday he believes Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) “wanted to be kicked out” of GOP House leadership when she continued to speak out against Trump even after voting for his impeachment.

“Look, my view has always been that Liz Cheney wanted to be kicked out,” he said. “Remember, the first time that she made the statements she made she was reelected to her leadership position,” Christie said. “It’s only when she continued after that, that looked like somebody who wanted to make a point and wanted to be kicked out.”

ABC moderator Jonathan Karl pointed out that Cheney argued she was defending the Constitution of the United States. “Whatever it is, it wasn’t like she was looking to protect her position,” Christie replied. “And the first time that Republicans inside that caucus had a chance to vote on Liz Cheney they voted to keep her — overwhelmingly.”

Cheney was removed from her position as House Republican Conference Chair in May last year after she continued speaking out about former president Trump’s involvement in the January 6 insurrection.




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