New York state judge commits suicide two weeks after police raid his home

A long-time New York state judge took his own life this week, only two weeks after authorities raided his home in connection with tax crime suspicions.

Judge John Michalski was found dead in his Amherst home on Tuesday after several years of being investigated by authorities for various reasons. The judge was hit by a slow-moving train about a year ago in what authorities believe was a first suicide attempt. Michalski suffered injuries to his leg and survived.

After a year off to recover, Michalski returned to the bench in January. His home was raided by law enforcement in late March in a search for information related to possible tax crimes connected to a long-time friend and former client of Michalski’s, strip club owner Peter Gerace Jr.

Gerace has been the focus of investigations for years on suspicion of drug and sex trafficking, bribing a federal officer, and more.

Michalski was hit by the train in Depew on the same day Gerace was charged with several crimes. A year later, and one day after the raid of Michalski’s home, his caseload was transferred and he was barred from receiving any new cases “until further notice.”

He is survived by his wife and four children.




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