Rep. Jim Jordan urges Republican lawmakers to impeach President Biden over handling of Southern border

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan told The Washington Times this weekend that he is urging his fellow Republicans to investigate and impeach President Joe Biden over issues at the Southern border.

At a Republican planning retreat in Florida, Jordan, the top GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee said he would support his committee investigating what he calls President Biden’s failures in office, most importantly the large influx of migrants entering the country at the Southern border with Mexico.

“I think that’s definitely a discussion we have to have,” Jordan told The Washington Times. He also noted he would need total GOP House support in order to impeach the current president.

“The conference has to decide,” Jordan said. “You have to have complete buy-in from the entire conference and the leadership of our conference.”

Jordan says the border is the prime target for impeachment of the president. “Just look at the border,” Jordan said. “The president of the United States is supposed to enforce the laws along the border and they’re not doing it.”




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