Plus-size model criticizes Delta airlines over seatbelt length

A plus-size model has gone viral after criticizing Delta airlines for apparently having “scrawny” seatbelts that she was unable to fit around her waist.

The model, Remi Bader, posted a video of herself to TikTok on Sunday featuring her failing to buckle the safety harness. Currently the video has almost 1 million views on the social media platform.

“Delta, figure it out!” Bader wrote in the subtitle to the short clip, which she posted for her 2.1 million followers. In her most recent video, Bader is shown unable to click the airline’s seatbelt into its secure position around her lap. She included a caption, saying, “And no I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy! @delta.” 

Viewers were quick to come to Bader’s defense in the comments, with one user writing, “Eeek. Everyone praises delta too. Being a size 14 should not warrant an extension.” Another chimed in, writing in all capital letters: “YES WHY IS ASKING FOR AN EXTENDER EVEN A THING JUST MAKE THE BELTS MORE ACCOMMODATING.”

But other users offered theories on why the seatbelt may have been too small. “When the seatbelts get damaged, they trim them instead of replacing the whole thing. This is why the length is so inconsistent,” suggested one person. 

Bader added that when she confronted the flight attendant about the issue, she was told to ask for an extender, which adds around 35 inches to a belt. According to Bader, that suggestion made her feel “embarrassed” and like there is “clearly something wrong with me.” She went on in the film, “Just make longer seatbelts, why is this an issue?”




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