Rep. Matt Gaetz announces he will run for re-election, drawing backlash from opponents

On Saturday, Republican Representative from Florida Matt Gaetz announced that he would be running for re-election this upcoming year, which drew backlash from his opponents.

Gaetz confirmed to a crowd of his supporters that he would be pursuing the seat in the U.S. House once again during the opening of his campaign office at 24 Hollywood Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach.

“It’s choose your fighter time,” Gaetz said to the crowd. “I’m your Florida man. I’m ready to take the fight to Washington and I hope you’ll fight with me.”

Some speculation surrounded whether or not Gaetz would be preparing for another term in office after he noted that he had been considering stepping down from his seat while at a political rally in his hometown of Niceville around a year ago.

Gaetz’s six years so far in office have been characterized by his more controversial style in addition to his legal troubles, but the representative said that he is not ready to give up his seat in the state’s capital city just yet.

“I continue to be inspired by the people of Northwest Florida and I think I have an important role to play in fashioning the shape and flavor of the upcoming majority,” Gaetz responded when he was asked about his decision to run for re-election.

Just about 160 people signed up to attend the opening of Gaetz’s campaign office. Following meeting with a few of his supporters individually, Gaetz addressed the crowd, focusing on his successes.

“During my time in Congress we’ve seen resources for our military mission grow exponentially,” he said. “The Eglin research lab has never had more money. The gulf test range has never seen more enhancements than during the last five years. The best is yet to come and I want to be here to be a part of that enhanced mission and do what we can do.” 




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