Jan. 6 panel will reveal new information on Capitol riot, Rep. Cheney says

According to Representative Liz Cheney, the congressional panel tasked with investigating the Capitol riot from January 6 of 2021 is set to reveal new details regarding the events of the day in light of their findings.

The details apparently could recommend new criminal penalties for certain officials who fail to uphold their duties, Cheney noted on Sunday.

During an appearance on NBC-TV’s “Meet the Press,” Cheney said, “There will be legislative recommendations and there certainly will be information” regarding the attack that the public has so far not heard.

Cheney is just one of the two Republicans on the nine-person panel composed of U.S. House of Representatives members. The committee has been holding closed-door sessions for several months now, as it sifts through evidence and interviews witnesses about the events prior to and during the event.

The committee is currently expected to host several public hearings later in the spring. Cheney noted that a top priority of those will be making recommendations, including possible “additional enhanced criminal penalties.”

She added that such penalties would be targeted at “the kind of supreme dereliction of duty that you saw with former President Trump when he refused to tell the mob to go home after he provoked that attack on the Capitol.” 

Cheney went on to say that her work on the committee has heightened her distress surrounding the unfortunate events of the day.

“I have not learned a single thing since I have been on this committee that has made me less concerned or less worried about the gravity of the situation and the actions that President Trump took and also refused to take while the attack was underway,” she said. 




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