GOP Sen. John Barrasso blames Biden administration for inflation, high gas prices 

Third-ranking Senate Republican John Barrasso, who has placed much of the blame for inflation and high gas prices on the current administration, expressed his desire on Sunday for President Joe Biden to “lead from the front” as he laid out particular objectives for the president to follow.

Biden is currently headed to Brussels this week for an important NATO summit. 

“Number one is, he needs to tell NATO that we collectively are going to supply the people of Ukraine things that they know how to use, whether it’s drones, planes, missile systems,” said Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican, during an appearance on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

“Number two, he has to say that he is going to Brussels to the eastern front of NATo to show the resolve of NATO, and the United States’ commitment as well.” 

Barrasso added, “And third, he needs to say to the people of Europe who are really in a tough situation with regard to energy and the dependence that they have on Russian energy, that we are going to increase the exporting of liquified natural gas from America to them.”

Barrasso, as the ranked Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has been a tough critic of the president’s agenda surrounding renewable energy.

Many Republicans are pushing the Biden administration to up the amount of domestic oil production while also reducing foreign energy dependency. While the president has already banned the importation of Russian oil, Americans are having now to deal with inflation and staggering prices at the pump.

“Well, Joe Biden can’t hide from the fact that he is the president of high gas prices,” Barrasso continued. “And they’re looking for anyone to blame, whether it’s Putin, whether it’s Republicans, whether it’s energy companies, whether it’s COVID. The Democrats have a very big problem with 40-year high inflation, highest gas prices ever.” 




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