CA preschool teacher caught on video leading children in anti-Biden chants at school

A private school in California has issued an apology to parents after a teacher was seen on video leading preschool aged children in an anti-Biden chant during school hours.

The teacher, who remains unnamed, apologized to parents of students attending the Turning Point Christian School in Norco, California after a parent reported her for leading a preschool class in chanting that they wanted President Joe Biden out of the White House. 

The video, which was seen on a parental messaging app by parent Christina McFadden, shows the teacher yelling to the class of small children, “Who’s our president?” The children respond by loudly shouting back, “Joe Biden!” The teacher then asks them, “What do we want to do with him?” The class shouts back in unison, “We want him out!” The video was shot on President’s Day. 

McFadden reported the video to school administrators and removed her daughter from the school. “Everybody has a right to believe in what they want and my daughter wasn’t given that opportunity. And especially at that age, I don’t even think that she can comprehend to make an informed decision on who and what she should believe in,” McFadden said.

The school issued an apology to parents regarding the incident, and the teacher in question has reportedly been addressed by school administrators. Officials at the school reviewed the footage and did not discipline the teacher, according to the New York Post.




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