Sen. Hirono says GOP ‘really reaching’ for ways to ‘attack’ Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson

In an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart this weekend, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono said Republicans are working very hard to find a way to attack President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson.

Hirono told Capehart before the confirmation hearing began on Monday that Republicans are “still trying to figure out how to go after Judge Jackson. The fact that she has empathy is a problem for a party that lacks it.”

Capehart asked Hirono, “…is it right for Republicans to go after cases she’s tried, cases she’s argued, particularly on behalf of clients? And I’m asking this because they’re trying to make her record as a public defender be negative.”

Hirono responded that Republicans “are always very quick to defend their nominees for the kinds of cases they took. As lawyers, we have to represent our clients and that is what Judge Jackson did. And so for them to go after her for doing that is really pretty ridiculous. They’re really reaching for some way to attack her and they’re still trying to figure it out.”

The first day of Judge Brown-Jackson’s confirmation hearing was relatively uneventful compared to some of the more recent SCOTUS confirmation hearings, with Senators from both parties acknowledging the importance of the moment as Brown-Jackson became the first Black woman to have a confirmation hearing to be voted onto the US Supreme Court.




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