Putin says Russia must undergo a self-cleansing of society to purge ‘bastards and traitors’

In a speech he gave on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia should undergo a “self-cleaning of society” in order to rid itself of the “bastards and traitors” as thousands of Russians are attempting to flee the country amid its war with Ukraine.

Tensions had been mounting for several months prior to Russia’s invasion, and the war has now been going on for several weeks.

“The collective West is attempting to splinter our society,” Putin commented in a video address that was later shared on Twitter. “Speculating on military losses, on socio-economic effects of sanctions, in order to provoke a people’s rebellion in Russia.”

He continued, addressing those who do not back the Kremlin, “But any people, the Russian people especially, are able to distinguish true patriots from bastards and traitors, and will ‘spit them out.’” 

“I am certain that this necessary and natural self-cleaning of society will not only strengthen our country, our solidarity, togetherness, and our readiness to answer any calls to action,” Putin added. He explained that he is not “judging those with villas in Miami or the French Riviera” or those “who cannot life without foie gras and mussels or so called gender-based rights” as long as they stand “mentally” with Russia. 

“The problem does not lie in this, but I repeat, the fact that many of these people inherently, mentally live somewhere else and not here with us, with our people, with Russia,” he said. “This is, in their opinion…a belonging to the higher caste, the higher race.” At the time of the address, thousands of Russians are trying to flee the country following the February 24 invasion of Ukraine.




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