Portland man who tried to sell his 2020 presidential election ballot gets probation 

On Friday, a Portland, Oregon man received his sentence of probation and a lecture from a judge after he pleaded guilty to attempting to sell his 2020 presidential election ballot in addition to some tennis shoes on a mobile marketplace platform.

Twenty-three-year-old Josiah Bridges pleaded guilty to one count of illegal sale of election material during the rare prosecution for felony voter fraud in Multnomah County Circuit Court. 

Bridges had made a listing of the items for sale in the fall of 2020 on OfferUp. He let investigators know that he did it in order to pay his rent and because he did not favor either presidential candidate, according to court documents.

Amy Seely, a special prosecutor for the Oregon Department of Justice, noted that he did not believe anyone would take him up on the sale. 

A few concerned residents of the state noticed the attempt by Bridges to sell the ballot online, and they reported the listing to a tip line through the state’s Justice Department. Agents were ablet o set up a sting, and they arrested Bridges at a Fred Meyer store in St. Johns, according to the court’s records. 

Bridges claimed that he was unaware that it is illegal to sell election materials. He was just sentenced to three years of probation in addition to 120 hours of community service.

Gayle Kvernland, defense attorney, noted that Bridges holds a stable job and hopes to become a hair stylist.

Senior Judge Kathleen Dailey waived the fees and fines for Bridges and made him eligible to come back to court if he is able to successfully complete the probation to possibly lower the felony conviction to a misdemeanor. 




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