Survey finds 1 in 5 people would consider OnlyFans in order to afford living in NYC

new survey by Cinch Home Services has found almost 1 in 5 people would consider starting an OnlyFans account in order to make enough money to live in New York City.

The survey also found that people would “live off cheap food,” “only go out once per week” and “sleep on an air mattress” just to live where they want. Opening an OnlyFans account has become a reality for some New Yorkers.

“Holy s–t. OnlyFans officially paid my NYC apartment rent this month,” one Big Apple scientist shared on Twitter after joining the website to enhance her earnings. “Everyone who hates people who use this site can truly f–k right off.”

Indeed, many more residents may soon turn to OnlyFans as rents skyrocket across the five boroughs. “My family constantly fights to keep food on the table and paying rent in NYC,” one local wrote on Twitter. “I’ve thought of even doing an OnlyFans to help my stressed-out mother with some things around the house.”

In the 12-month span starting in January of last year, rents in the city have increased by 33%, which is almost double the national average and the highest spike among America’s largest cities. 

A number of New Yorkers have also taken to TikTok claiming landlords have hiked the cost of their apartments by as much as 50%.

The survey determined New York is the dream city for a majority of Americans, with “culture” and “entertainment options” cited as the reasons that make it most alluring — though with 36 percent of respondents saying they would only eat cheap food, it’s hard to imagine they’d actually be able to enjoy those amenities.

Among those who actually did move to their dream city, about a third said they worked a second job just to make ends meet. Many others lived in tiny spaces or only ate cheap food. And about a quarter went into credit card debt to afford rent.

“I had to work about 10 hours a day seven days a week,” one respondent said in the survey when asked what the most difficult thing they had to do to stay in their dream city.




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