Michael Flynn appears in front of Jan. 6 committee, exercises 5th amendment

General Michael Flynn, former White House national security advisor to Donald Trump, appeared in front of the Select Committee to answer questions about the Capitol riot and alleged attempts to interfere with the 2020 election.

Flynn declined to answer any questions, citing his Fifth Amendment right.

Flynn was one of Trump’s closest allies in the fight to secure the 2020 election, and allegedly told the former president to declare martial law and seize voting machines.

When Flynn appeared in Congress on Thursday he provided no answers to the Committee, citing his right to decline to answer and risk incriminating himself.

Flynn’s attorneys urged him to attend the hearing this week in spite of Flynn’s lawsuit against the Committee in December which attempted to block any subpoenas he may receive.

His legal team claims Flynn does want to answer the Committee’s questions because there are still ongoing Justice Department  investigations into related matters.

“General Michael Flynn appeared before the January 6th Committee today in compliance with their subpoena and, on advice of counsel, exercised his 5th amendment right to decline to answer the Committee’s questions,” said Flynn’s lawyer David Warrington. “This privilege protects all Americans, not just General Flynn.




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