Ukraine President Zelensky asks U.S. to stop buying oil from Russia in meeting with Congress

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, took part in a call with a bipartisan group of over 280 members of Congress this past Saturday morning.

During the conference, the lawmakers said he presented several ways the United States could be helpful in Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Zelenskyy specifically requested more airplanes and an end to oil purchases from Russia as well as the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace.

Democrats and Republicans alike praised Zelenskyy following the meeting and promised to do whatever was possible for them to assist Ukraine.

“Honored to hear from @ZelenskyyUa as he takes every measure to defend Ukraine form illegal Russian aggression & Putin’s indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Zelenskyy’s resilience & commitment to the people of Ukraine inspire the world. Proud to stand with you Mr. President,” the Senate Foreign Relations Committee wrote in a tweet.

Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirmed through a statement that Zelensky did indeed request either a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace or planes for the country.

“Ukraine needs airpower urgently and America should send it. Zelensky’s message is simple: ‘close the skies or give us planes.’ Let’s be clear-eyed about our options: A No-Fly Zone means sending American pilots into combat against Russian jets and air defenses — in a battle between nuclear powers that could spiral out of control quickly,” Sasse noted in the statement. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, also indicated his support to send more planes to Ukraine. “President Zelenskyy made a desperate plea for Eastern European countries to provide Russian-made planes to Ukraine. These planes are very much needed. And I will do all I can to help the administration to facilitate their transfer,” he said.

Multiple senators also added that Zelensky asked the U.S. to cease Russian oil and gas imports to further cripple Russia’s economy.




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