Report: Fragments of border wall breached thousands of times by smugglers

A new report shows that portions of the border wall built under the Trump administration were breached physically over 3,000 times between 2019 and 2021 alone.

An investigation conducted by The Washington Post discovered that Customs and Border Protection spent $2.6 million to repair 3,272 breaches during that time period. 

In 2017, the Trump administration hosted a design contest to select he final ideation for former President Donald Trump’s construction project, and a series of prototypes was built in a location near San Diego.

Ultimately, administration officials decided upon a design with 18 30-foot-tall steel bollards secured into the ground and joined at the top by a steel beam.

After the first segments were completed, videos surfaced of smuggling groups using power tools to cut the bollards at the bottom of the wall to easily cross the border. The Washington Post investigation illuminates how prominent that method of illegal entry has become as of late.

Though the Biden administration has funneled its border security efforts toward higher technology detection systems as well as a focus on better control at known ports of entry, the desire to have a physical border wall is still high on the priority list of many Republicans. 

During President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address, which took place on Tuesday of last week, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican from Georgia, and Lauren Boebert, a fellow Republican from Colorado, called on Biden twice, once to say “build that wall” as Biden mentioned immigration and border security.

Since his time in office, Biden has cut the border wall funding dramatically and halted construction of new segments of the wall, ordering environmental restitution in parts of the border where the groundwork had been laid but construction went unfinished during Trump’s presidency.




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