Putin calls for ‘normalization’ of relations with other countries amid invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows on Friday when he called for the ‘normalization’ of relations with other states as he spoke at the flag raising ceremony of a new Russian ferry.

As his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine enters its second week, the Kremlin leader told the crowd Russia has “absolutely no ill intentions with regard to [its] neighbors.” He continued, “I think that everyone should think about normalizing relations and cooperating normally.” 

Putin once again claimed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “in response to unfriendly actions toward Russia,” and not meant to aggravate relations with any other countries.

“There is no need to escalate the situation, impose restrictions. We fulfill all obligations,” he said. “If someone does not want to cooperate with us within the framework of single cooperation, and by doing so harms themselves, they will, of course, harm us, too.”

Putin then argued Russia will somehow work around the sanctions imposed on them by nations around the world. “We will just have to move some projects a little to the right, to acquire additional competencies. But we will still solve the problems that we face,” he said. “In the end, we will even benefit from this because we will acquire additional competencies.”




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