Major internet provider in Russia to cut off service after invasion of Ukraine

One of Russia’s major internet providers, US-based Cogent Communications, has plans to cut service to the country after its invasion of Ukraine and ongoing assault.

A key provider of internet access to the Russian people, Cogent announced this week it will comply with international and US sanctions on Russia by cutting off service to the country amid its unprovoked war. The idea, Cogent said in a statement, is not to deny internet access to the Russian people, but rather to limit the Kremlin’s ability to wage misinformation and cyber warfare during this time.

“Our goal is not to hurt anyone. It’s just to not empower the Russian government to have another tool in their war chest,” said Cogent executive Dave Schaeffer in an interview with The Washington Post.

In a letter to its customers in Russia, Cogent wrote, “In light of the unwarranted and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Cogent is terminating all of your services effective at 5 p.m. GMT on March 4, 2022. The economic sanctions put in place as a result of the invasion and the increasingly uncertain security situation make it impossible for Cogent to continue to provide you with service. All Cogent-provided ports and IP address space will be reclaimed as of the termination date.”




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