GoFundMe President testifies that nearly 90 percent of Freedom Convoy donors were Canadian

The majority of donors to the Freedom Convoy were from Canadians, according to the president of GoFundMe. President Juan Benitez admitted that nearly 90% of donations were from Canadians.

According to the Post Millennial, roughly $1.2 million came from outside of the United States. Eighty-eight percent of funds were donated by Canadians, with 86% of donors being Canadian. The numbers came to light during a House of Commons public safety and national security committee meeting.

President Benitez added, “We do extensive analysis on the activities that are happening on our platform. In fact, it’s our goal to be the most trusted platform in social fundraising. If we were aware that something like that was occurring, those folks are not welcome to participate on our platform, those activities would have been prohibited and we would have filtered that out.”

This information directly contradicts claims made by both NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Singh wrote in a tweet that, “The spread of Trumpism into Canada must be stopped. Foreign actors and money cannot be allowed to sow division in Canada. US interference from the extreme right and millions of dollars via anonymous foreign sources must be shut down.”

Trudeau called for “foreign money funding the protests to stop.” He added that half of donations made on some platforms were from the United States. However, it is now clear that the majority of GoFundMe donations to the Freedom Convoy were made directly from Canadians.




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