Florida’s Lake County considers bill that would change the way the local Water Authority operates

Lawmakers in Florida’s Lake County passed a bill in the state House that would effectively overhaul the way the Lake County Water Authority operates, and how its leaders are put in place.

The Florida House passed HB 1105 by a vote of 77-38 and now moves to the Senate. The bill would change the Lake County Water Authority from an independent district whose members are a publicly elected board, to a county-run dependent district called the Lake County Water District.

The bill aims to streamline government processes, save taxpayer money, and provide better oversight. Opponents of the bill say it takes the Water Authority out of the hands of the voters and essentially usurps its oversight responsibilities to the state government. Some have argued the matter should be put on the midterm ballot later this year so the voters can decide.

“We are getting rid of an elected board that is doing their job well. That makes no sense. 30 days. 30 days after this bill becomes law these seven elected officials are thrown out of office and replaced by five county commissioner appointees for four year terms. The county commission has enough to do without adding the responsibilities of this current water authority,” said Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil on the House floor.




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