First Lady assures audience at fundraiser that President Biden works ‘all through the night’ on Ukraine

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden spoke in front of a crowd at a fundraiser in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, that her husband, President Joe Biden, works around the clock helping to manage the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

“The phone just never stops ringing, all through the night,” she said. “And Joe is up, trying to help solve this crisis,” the First Lady said. “We don’t know where it’s going to go. We just don’t know,” she remarked. “And we’re all just holding our breath, aren’t we? That something, some answer will come so that we don’t get into this world war.”

She reassured the crowd that the crisis is under good management with her husband at the helm. “I feel, and I think you must as well, that he is the right man for this moment in history,” Biden said.

Before turning her address to other policy matters, she added of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, “I just have to turn on the TV every morning and pray that Zelenskyy is still alive.”

The identities of the attendees of the fundraiser are confidential. Dr. Biden’s speech was followed by California Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, who told the First Lady, “As a former ambassador, I have absolute confidence that your husband and this administration will keep this conflict from spreading and will keep our allies safe. He truly is the right person at the right time.”




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