Canadian Immigration Minister announces programs to welcome Ukrainian refugees 

The federal government is looking to make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to seek asylum in Canada.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser unveiled two new programs Thursday to help people fleeing the violence and devastation following Russia’s invasion: one for Ukrainians looking to stay permanently and another for those who want to stay temporarily.

“I’ve heard from the Ukrainian Canadian community that many fleeing the violence will want to return to their homeland and to their families when the war comes to an end,” Fraser said Thursday. “I’ve heard others, particularly those with family in Canada, may wish to stay.”

There will be no limit to how many can apply and, pending a background check and security screening, Ukrainians could stay at least two years in Canada.

“While [Ukrainians] defend themselves against Putin’s costly war of aggression, we will provide safe haven to those who fled to protect themselves and their families,” Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said in a statement. “Canadians stand with Ukrainians in their time of need and we will welcome them with open arms.”

IRCC will also create a special family reunification sponsorship pathway for permanent residents that may have family in Ukraine. Ukrainians who come to Canada as a part of these programs will be eligible to apply for open work permits to make it easier for employers to “quickly hire Ukrainian nationals,” according to IRCC.

Ottawa said it’s still developing the full details of its family reunification sponsorship program that would allow extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to stay in the country permanently. More than one million people have already left Ukraine.




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