Pete Buttigieg tells states to focus on road safety in their projects

The federal government is telling states to focus on road safety if they want money from President Joe Biden’s infrastructure law. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has stated that they will prioritize protecting pedestrians. 

In a report submitted to Congress, the DOT specified they will aim to prioritize the safety and health of the more vulnerable by promoting projects like bike paths, roundabouts, enhanced sidewalks, pedestrian pathways to bus stops, and transit lanes (ABC News). These kinds of projects will be prioritized in distributing funds.

The report stated, “Safety is consistently DOT’s top priority.” The DOT wants to change the direction of money so that it’s primary use in infrastructure is not to add car lanes at the cost on mostly nonwhite communities living next to these roads.

The report also said that the Federal Highway administration’s use of the “Complete Streets” strategy will “have a positive impact on the safety of all roadway users – reversing the trend of increasing fatal and serious injuries and creating a healthier, greener, and more equitable surface transportation system.”

Stephanie Pollack, the deputy head of the highway administration, said, “A Complete Street is safe, and feels safe, for everyone using the street. We can’t keep people safe on our roads if we don’t have safer roads and roads that slow down drivers to safe speeds.”

However, this stance from the DOT has seen some pushback from conservative lawmakers. Missouri Rep. Sam Groves said, “Americans expect new roads and real infrastructure needs to be addressed – not a vehicle for the administration’s woke agenda.”




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