David Goodwillie rejoins Clyde on loan after uproar at Raith Rovers

The Scottish League One side Clyde have confirmed the loan signing of David Goodwillie from Raith until the end of the season. Goodwillie was found “liable” of raping a woman in a civil case in 2017.

On Tuesday Clyde announced Goodwillie, who had a two-and-a-half-year deal at Raith, would spend the rest of the season with them.

“Following an initial approach by Raith Rovers, and subsequent agreement between the two clubs, we can confirm that David Goodwillie has returned to Broadwood on loan until the end of the 2021-22 season,” a Clyde club statement read. “This enables David to return to first-team activities including training and playing and, in doing so, continue his career in football.”

A brief statement from Raith read: “The club can confirm that we have agreed terms with Clyde FC for a loan arrangement for David Goodwillie until the end of the current season. We would like to thank Clyde FC for their co-operation.”

Val McDermid, who was a sponsor for Raith Rovers, hit out at the move on Twitter. “Disgusted doesn’t even begin to touch it. All that mealy-mouthed stuff from the board about contract-ending negotiations? Do @RaithRovers think we’ll all have forgotten about this by the end of the season?”

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has voiced her concern about the Clyde decision saying: “For the record, I think this is as wrong as the signing by Raith Rovers. I strongly support rehabilitation but it must start with remorse. Someone who has shown none for the trauma he caused cannot be a sporting role model.”

Goodwillie, who had previously played for Clyde between 2017-2022 scoring 109 goals in 176 games.




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