Canadian Deputy Prime Minister criticized for participating in protest featuring pro-nazi banners and flags

On Sunday, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was photographed at a rally for Ukraine wearing a red and black scarf that appeared to represent the colors of the Bandera movement, which is a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis.

Stepan Bandera was a Nationalist Ukrainian politician during World War Two and has been accused of war crimes against Jews and Poles. Bandera helped form the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (UPA) which media have called “far-right” and “Neo-Nazis.”

Freeland deleted the original post and then reposted the same message on Twitter, but with a new picture where the scarf was removed.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, “Freeland’s granddad was, indeed, a Nazi collaborator” in Ukraine and was the chief editor of a Nazi propaganda newspaper during the Second World War.

The picture comes after only weeks ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dubbed the trucker Freedom Convoy “Nazis.” Trudeau also accused a Jewish Conservative MP of standing with “people who wave swastikas.”




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