Black woman ’embarrassed’ after alleging Delta forced her to move seats for two white passengers

A Black woman from Alameda, California, is speaking out about her experience on a recent Delta flight to Atlanta, during which she says crew members asked her to move to the back of the plane to accommodate two white women who complained about their seating assignments.

Camille Henderson reached out to ABC7 News after her flight to Atlanta to visit her boyfriend last month. Henderson says she was in her assigned seat, near two white women who were complaining to crew that they had first class tickets but could not produce them when asked.

Henderson says the crew member eventually appeased the two women by asking Henderson to move to the very last row of seating, and giving the two women more room to quell their complaints.

When Henderson reached out to Delta customer service, she was not given any sort of solution or apology for the experience, which she says was embarrassing.

“I don’t want to make it a race thing, but instead of asking the two white women that were seated next to me (to move), in an attempt to accommodate them, they basically made me have to move…As I’m walking back there it’s just humiliating. It’s like having the entire flight look at you and asking what’s going on,” she said.

After Henderson reached out to ABC7, the airline launched an investigation into the incident. “We are looking into this situation to better understand what happened. Delta has no tolerance for discrimination in any form and these allegations run counter to our deeply-held values of respecting and honoring the diversity of our customers,” the airline said in a statement.




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