Washington Sen. Liias apologizes to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown after criticizing her in interview

Washington State Senator Marko Liias has issued a personal apology to Oregon Governor Kate Brown after disparaging her in a radio interview over her opposition to a proposed tax on fuel from Washington.

Speaking with KVI radio in Seattle recently, Liias blasted Brown after she argued the fuel tax might jeopardize the two states’ cooperation on an intended interstate overpass project over the Columbia River. 

“The fact that she dares say a word is just a joke,” Liias said. “Her state basically lives off Washington state residents,” he continued. “This governor down in Oregon is living in fantasyland. She is in the last few months of her term. She is losing relevance.”

Liias emailed Governor Brown on Thursday, apologizing for his remarks. “I lost my temper … and made some intemperate and disrespectful remarks,” wrote the Everett Democrat.

“It is too easy in politics to get upset and say unkind things, and much too difficult to express regret,” Liias continued. “Governor Brown has been a wonderful partner with Washington on so many issues, I am sorry my words clouded that proud record.”




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