Santa Clara County assessor candidate withdraws after nude photo scandal

Gary Kremen, a tech entrepreneur and Santa Clara County assessor candidate, has withdrawn from the race after a nude photo scandal emerged.

Kremen is known for founding, but was also accused of sending semi-nude pictures of himself and his longtime partner to a former staff member through Dropbox.

According to Mercury News, the staff member came forward anonymously to tell the San José Spotlight about the photo. The staff member had been working on Kremen’s campaign for a while last year. They said that topless photos “coupled with other questionable behavior from Kremen caused emotional and mental anguish, eventually forcing them to quit working for him.”

After the story broke, Kremen quickly confirmed he had withdrawn from the race. The staff member claims Kremen uploaded photos of himself and his partner in bed, topless, in a Dropbox folder that was used for campaign photos. The semi-nude photos were uploaded on accident, as he has uploaded his entire iPhone photo library which contained nearly 20,000 pictures.

Kremen addressed the pictures in an email. He wrote, “As a new dad, I was excited to capture every moment with my family and took many shots of us all. It never occurred to me that this would become a problem. I do not feel shame for taking photos of my child eating or my partner preparing to feed him.”

He continued, “While I inadvertently left the four photos in my photo album, they are part of the natural process of motherhood and being a family that supports public or private breastfeeding. A woman shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed, humiliated, or in any way wrong for feeding their children.”




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