Poll: 74 percent of Americans call Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unjustified

The American public has responded, united against Russia in it’s invasion of Ukraine. In a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, 74% of Americans say the invasion is unjustified, and 76% have an unfavorable opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Yahoo News, the poll showed that only 3% of those who voted for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election said Biden is “doing a better job leading his country” than Putin. Forty-seven percent of Trump voters say Putin is doing a better job as president than Biden. Forty-five percent of Trump voters say “neither” is doing a better job as president than the other.

The poll sample size was 1,532 United States adults, and was conducted on line from February 24th through 27th. The poll shows how opinions have shifted dramatically in favor of Ukraine, especially among Republicans. 

Three weeks ago, 49% of Americans said the United States should remain neutral and 46% said they should side with Ukraine. Today, 57% say the United States should side with Ukraine and 25% say they should not get involved.

Opinions among Republicans have shifted from 8 points in favor of neutrality to 34 points in favor of Ukraine. Forty-four percent of Republicans believe it is “in America’s best interests to stop Russia and help Ukraine.”

Seventy-two percent of Democrats favor Biden’s sanction, while only 53% of Republicans support them. However, 56% of Americans do not want to send U.S. troops to Ukraine. Many Americans are still skeptical to support Biden’s response to the crisis. Only a third of Americans approve of how the administration is handling the current situation.




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