Kremlin website goes dark as hackers play Ukrainian songs on Russian TV

Ukrainian state media announced on Saturday via The Kyiv Independent that the Kremlin’s official website had been hacked and was not functional, and that hackers had also gotten Russian television stations to play Ukrainian music.

The attack on the Kremlin’s site and five other large Russian websites came only hours after the international hacktivist group Anonymous announced a cyber war on Russia after its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine last week. Anonymous claimed responsibility for the hacking of the Russian sites on Saturday, Tweeting “Yes. We’re still at it.”

Hackread confirmed the cyber attack on Russia, Tweeting, “On hacked TV transmissions #Anonymous displayed the national anthem of #Ukraine, while another video shows an electric vehicle charging station in #Moscow being hacked with anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine messages.” 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that Ukrainian forces had successfully “derailed” Putin’s efforts to take Ukraine under Russian leadership. A scheduled Monday meeting of Ukrainian and Russian delegations between the Ukraine-Belarus border proved unfruitful, as Russian blasts continued throughout Ukrainian cities on Monday.




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