GOP Sen. Rick Scott defends his proposed political agenda at CPAC

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott defended his 31-page “Plan to Rescue America” memo, which outlines his vision for the Republican agenda, during his speech at CPAC this weekend in Orlando.

Speaking in front of the conservative crowd on Saturday, Scott talked up his 11-point plan, saying, “Based on the way Democrats are attacking me this week, I say we hit the bull’s-eye. The fight to rescue America from socialism is our fight.”

In the memo, Scott outlined his vision for what the GOP agenda should look like should the Republican party win back the Senate in the midterm elections later this year. Scott’s plan includes income taxes on every American and completing the construction of former president Trump’s intended border wall along the Southern border with Mexico.

“I’ll warn you, this plan is not for the faint of heart,” Scott said of his agenda. He characterized the Democrat party as extremists, saying “The militant left are the modern day version of book burners. Scott accused the Democrats of plotting to “redefine” government and silence conservatives. “They want to end the American experiment,” Scott told the crowd.

Scott’s agenda shows a notable contrast with the strategy of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has not defined any specific agenda at all. 




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