Former Attorney General Bill Barr says Trump ‘lost his grip’ in forthcoming memoir

According to Former Attorney General William Barr in his forthcoming memoir, former President Donald Trump “lost his grip” following the 2020 presidential election.

He also writes in the book a calling for the Republican Party to select a different candidate from Trump for the 2024 presidential election. 

Barr’s new memoir, “One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General,” Barr repeatedly criticizes Trump, with whom he fell out as Trump insisted on claims of election fraud.

“He stopped listening to his advisers, became manic and unreasonable, and was off the rails,” Barr writes, according to the New York Times. “He surrounded himself with sycophants, including many whack jobs from outside the government, who fed him a steady diet of comforting but unsupported conspiracy theories.”

The former attorney general goes on to encourage GOP leaders to select an alternative to Trump for the party’s presidential candidate in 2024, describing another possible Trump campaign as “dismaying.” Barr writes, “Donald Trump has shown he has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers to provide the kind of positive leadership that is needed.”

Barr added that Trump became angry with his attorney general in the middle of a December 2020 meeting, following the Justice Department not finding anything to support the election fraud claims.

Trump, according to the book, apparently accused Barr of “pulling the rug out from under me,” and when Barr attempted to explain why the claims of election fraud were unfounded as he offered to resign, Trump hit the table and yelled “accepted!”

In a June statement from last year, Trump referred to Barr as a “swamp creature” after Barr called the election claims “bulls—t” in a book that was authored by ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl.




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