City of Natchez crafts new animal ordinance in aim to curb abuses

The Mississippi city of Natchez is implementing orders to outlaw the tethering of dogs in the city and is additionally taking steps to stop the sales of puppies in the city by people other than reputable, licensed, and permitted breeders.

The Natchez Mayor along with the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to approve the changes made to the city’s ordinance on animal control.

The changes are intended to prevent some kinds of inhumane treatment of animals, according to the mayor. He continued that limiting who is allowed to sell puppies in the city will lower the number of dogs that are sold by puppy mills as well as those bred and sold for fighting purposes. 

“We are very grateful to have some outstanding animal lovers and activists in this community,” said Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson during a recent meeting. “They have worked together to provide us a model ordinance that is going to take our animal control to the next level.”

In addition to limiting who can sell puppies, the ordinance also looks to put a cap on the number of dogs and cats that can be owned in one household.

Gibson was elected Mayor of Natchez in July of 2020 after receiving almost 64 percent of the vote and garnering support from many different demographics.

According to his mayoral website, he is “committed to building a better city where Unity is celebrated and with it, Community and Opportunity.” The site also notes that “We Can” is Gibson’s motto for his role in office, and “the City of Natchez is now beginning to flourish under his positive leadership.”




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