Russia vetoes UN Security Council demand that Moscow stand down in Ukraine

The United Nations Security Council held a largely symbolic vote on a demand that Russia withdraw its troops from Ukraine immediately, with Russia, as expected, vetoing the resolution.

Members of the Security Council predicted the Russian delegation blocking the resolution via veto, but in doing so Russia has highlighted its unilateral approach on the world stage, and further isolated itself globally.

The vote came in at 11-0, with Russia voting no and India, the United Arab Emirates and China abstaining from the vote. China’s veto was seen as a diplomatic success, as most Security Council members seemed to believe China would vote along with Russia, as it often does.

UN ambassador for the United States, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, had some harsh words for Russia after the vote. “Not surprisingly, Russia exercised its veto power today in an effort to protect Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked, unjustified and unconscionable war in Ukraine,” she said.

“But let me make one thing clear: Russia, you can veto this resolution, but you cannot veto our voices,” she said directly to the Russian ambassador. “You cannot veto the truth. You cannot veto our principles. You cannot veto the Ukrainian people.”




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