Boris Johnson may be first British Prime Minister ever to be questioned under caution by police

According to a leaked copy of Scotland Yard’s Partygate questionnaire for Downing Street staff, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be the first prime minister that has been questioned under caution by police.

The Metropolitan Police sent questionnaires to all those who were suspected of breaking coronavirus-related rules as part of its investigation into 12 events breaching COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the police, Johnsen is reported to have attended six of those events. A copy of the documents, which was published by ITV News on Tuesday night, recipients of the questionnaire are informed that they have the opportunity to provide “a written statement under caution.”

The document apparently adds that recipients “do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court,” and suggests that they “ensure the caution is read and [understood] prior to any answers to questions being provided.” 

Being required to undergo this type of police questioning would be a historical first for a British prime minister, after Tony Blair saying he would resign from his post in the event when he questioned by police during the 2007 scandal of cash-for-honours.

Johnson has already completed the questionnaire which the police said had “formal legal status and must be answered truthfully.”

ITV News reported that the copy they obtained required recipients to answer about a dozen questions, including whether they think any “lawful exception” should be applied to gatherings in violation of COVID-19 guidance and if they can provide a “reasonable excuse” for their participation.

Other questions include whether the person attended a gathering on a certain date, what the purpose of their participation was, and whether the person came into contact with anyone else.




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