Portland City Council approves $56 million contract with police union

The Portland City Council unanimously voted to approve a 4-year, $56 million contract with the police union that is aimed at increasing officer retention and accountability in the city.

The contract includes several measures that are geared toward helping law enforcement officers in Portland recruit and retain more well-trained officers, such as wage bumps for completing required crisis intervention training, retention bonuses, pay raises for completing higher education degrees, and annual cost of living wage adjustments.

The contract gives union members a 1.6 percent cost of living adjustment, applied retroactively as far back as July, 2021.

It also provides 2 to 5 percent raises for completing bachelors and masters or doctorate degrees, as well as “2% in premium pay for intermediate police certificate training and 4% for an advanced police certificate from the state’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, effective July 1, 2024.”

Commissioner Jo Hardesty credited the 2020 protests for police accountability for the changes. She thanked the protesters and promised further progress on creating a  “more fair, a more accountable Police Bureau.” She added, “This is a process. This is not the end result.”




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