Global hacker group Anonymous declares ‘cyber war’ on Russia, leaks Russian Ministry of Defense data

The well-known hacktivist group Anonymous has targeted Moscow, reportedly declaring ‘cyber war’ on Russia after its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine this week.

While Anonymous does not exist on Twitter behind any official or verified accounts, one user posted an update from the hacking group on Thursday, Tweeting, “#Anonymous is currently involved in operations against the Russian Federation. Our operations are targeting the Russian government. There is an inevitability that the private sector will most likely be affected too.”

The Tweet thread continued, “While this account cannot claim to speak for the whole of the Anonymous collective, we can in fact report the truths of Anonymous’ collective actions against the Russian Federation. We want the Russian people to understand that we know it’s hard for them to speak out against their dictator for fear of reprisals.”

Hours after declaring cyber war on Moscow, Anonymous managed to hack into the Russian Ministry of Defense’s database and leaked the login and email information of the Russian Defense Ministers.

It was merely hours until the information had made its way to social media users who then began spamming the email addresses and subscribing the Russian ministers to pornographic websites and other controversial services that may get them into hot water with the Russian government.

“We, as a collective, want only peace in the world.  We want a future for all of humanity.  So, while people around the globe smash your internet providers to bits, understand that it’s entirely directed at the actions of the Russian government and Putin,” wrote Anonymous on the Twitter thread.

“Put yourselves in the shoes of the Ukrainians being bombed right now.  Together we can change the world, we can stand up against anything,” the thread continued. “It is time for the Russian people to stand together and say “NO” to Vladimir Putin’s war. We are Anonymous.

We are Legion. Expect us.”




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