Resolution approved by Senate Republicans warns against ‘radical politics’ in Michigan schools

On Tuesday, a resolution was adopted in Michigan by Republican state senators which affirms the Senate’s commitment to parental rights in directing the education of their children.

The resolution also calls on Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to acknowledge the rights of parents publicly. 

“Parents are in the best position to know their own child’s needs and circumstances, and therefore, should maintain authority over all decisions that could impact the health and well-being of their children,” reads Senate Resolution 107.

The resolution, which is non-binding, has been sponsored by Republican Senators Lana Theis of Brighton; John Bizon of Battle Creek; Dale Zorn of Ida; Kevin Daley of Lum; Doug Wozniak of Shelby Township; Ruth Johnson of Holly; Roger Victory of Hudsonville; Michael MacDonald of Macomb Township; Rick Outman of Six Lakes; and Tom Barrett of Charlotte.

“Some education systems and elected officials across the country have been disregarding or infringing on parents’ rights related to their children’s education. For example, radical politics have permeated public school curricula, resulting in education that amounts to political indoctrination. In addition, parents who try to object are either ignored, shamed, or silenced,” the resolution continues. 

While the measure will not change any laws or state policies, it did create an intense debate on the Senate floor.

“Of course parents have rights, and yes, parents from across the political spectrum are raising their voices. Parents are frustrated and exhausted after almost two years of this global pandemic,” said Detroit Democrat Sen. Stephanie Chang.

“Parents do have a say in the direction of their child’s education. They elected a school board to make local decisions. They elected a state board of education to guide statewide policies to make sure schools in my neighborhood have the same standards as the schools in yours,” she added. 




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