Poll: Majority of Americans ‘frustrated’ with Biden’s handling of pandemic, economy

In a recent CBS News Poll, results show that Americans continue to feel worse about both the pandemic and the economy than earlier in President Joe Biden’s term.

On a deeper level, Americans do not directly blame Biden’s policies, but want to see more attention given to the inflation issues.

When it comes to the pandemic, most Americans view confusing information as a major influence on how people view Biden’s handling of it. Many have also described their feelings toward his first year as “Frustrated” and “disappointed.” They believe he may be “distracted” and not focused on major issues the voters care about. The majority say he has not focused enough on the economy or inflation.

Even within the Democratic party, party members have docked Biden the most on inflation. His overall approval has hit 44% despite only 26% believing that the country is doing well.

Biden’s approval rating has continuously dropped since the beginning of his presidency, where it started in the 60s. This is a result of the lack of pandemic control, Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation, and more. 

Biden is getting more overall disapproval from people who don’t think he focuses on inflation or the economy enough, despite partisanship. Focus on inflation was deemed as would be most likely to change people’s minds going forward. 

Most people care about the problems at hand rather than legislation. Additionally, his job rating on how he has handled COVID-19 has reached an all time low during his presidency. There is an overall feeling of frustration among Americans, especially as a result of unmet expectations.




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