Gov. Newsom presses forward on new gun control bill modeled after Texas abortion law

California Governor Gavin Newsom is pushing forward on a new bill he introduced that mimics a controversial abortion bill enacted last year in Texas.

The new California bill would allow and encourage California citizens to sue gunmakers, those who possess or sell illegal assault weapons, and makers of ghost guns in civil court. The bill is modeled after Texas’s Heartbeat Act that was signed into law last year and upheld by the Supreme Court.

That bill bans abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, and encourages Texans to sue abortion clinics or any doctor that performs an abortion procedure.

In defense of the new California gun bill, Newsom said Republicans, by allowing the Texas law to go into effect, “…opened up the door. They set the tone, tenor, the rules. And either we can be on the defense complaining about it or we can play by those rules. We are going to play by those rules.”

“It’s time to go on the offensive with new measures that empower individuals to hold irresponsible and negligent gun industry actors to account, crack down on shameful advertising that targets our kids, and more. This is not about attacking law-abiding gun owners – it’s about stopping the tragic violence ravaging communities across the country,” Newsom said.

The California Governor who recently won a decisive victory in a recall election, believes that if the Supreme Court upheld the Texas abortion law, the same legal principals should uphold the new California gun bill. “We’ll see how principled the US Supreme Court is,” Newsom said.




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