Fiona Hill says Trump emboldened Putin to potentially invade Ukraine

Former White House Russian policy advisor Fiona Hill said this weekend she believes former President Trump emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin to surround and possibly invade Ukraine.

In an interview with CNN this week, Hill described how she perceives the former US president’s relationship with Putin helped drive the current tension in Eastern Europe.

Hill said during the Trump presidency she did not witness a pro-America stance in any of Trump’s foreign policy. “There’s no Team America for Trump,” Hill recalled. “Not once did I see him do anything to put America first. Not once. Not for a single second.”

Hill also said Trump’s deference to Putin over Trump’s own intelligence community in major policy matters may have sent a message to Putin that the United States government is not as strongly anti-Russia as it had been in the past, and given Putin the push he needed to act on Ukraine.

Hill says Trump’s attempts to extract information from the Ukrainian government that may help him in the 2020 election was a key moment in US-Russia relations and the way Russia views its current international leeway. “All this did was say to Russia that Ukraine was a playground,” Hill said.

Hill also pointed to Trump’s constant criticism of NATO throughout his presidency, a key topic in Russia’s current troop buildup around Ukrainian borders. Hill credited Trump for “softening” Republicans’ stance on Russia in recent years, leaving Putin more free to act as he pleases.




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